Who is Shakey

The Story of Ebony

We will have some amazing behind the scenes, bonus material coming on June 30th. You will learn all about the fun we had finding our "Shakey", So stay tuned!

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Where are we going? Where have we been? Where are we now? Brian Walker perfoms his song "Gravity" with the whole Shakey gang.

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Life As It Is

Coming July 30th, Purple Apple performs their original song "Life As It Is" with a little help from Shakey. Keep comin' around for more updates and bonus material.

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List of Theaters & VOD

Catch "I Heart Shakey" today! Sniff out listings with your local provider and find our film at a theater near you. We are currently scheduled to release in these theaters:

Hollywood Palms · Naperville, IL More
Maumee Indoor Theatre · Maumee, OH More
The National Theatre · Graham, TX More
Cinema Paradiso · Fort Lauderdale, FL More
Clinton Street Theatre · Portland OR More
Los Angeles, CA · TBD
San Francisco, CA · TBD